Cant sleep and bored, care to converse - txt, talk? 34yr

Cant sleep and bored, care to converse - txt, talk? 34yr

Just looking for conversation, whether it's by txt ir on the phone.. if ya dont feel comfortable, block your number.. regular white guy that got off work late.. I'm on call......

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but you do really treat me well and care for me Thank for being my friends My ... but nvm i dont feel bored because still got someone talk to me in the foyer sec 2 kid & sec 4 Fond We keep disturbia each other ... Whole day never sleep damn tired want sleep cant sleep , 1pm have to do ...... Read more

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can't you still find the balance ... who dont care about their own spirituality but is busy checking other's ... so BG replied, "yes, please tell me how does it help me in going on air and intrude the bedrooms of people singing and dancing"? He laughed gently and said "but you dont sing ...... Read more

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Well I guess you can't fault her for being straightforward. Still, presumptuous people man. That happened to me a couple years ago. When she said 'Oh that's sweet, you're not really my type though', I said, 'Huh?... Read more

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