Cant sleep and bored, care to converse - txt, talk? 34yr

Cant sleep and bored, care to converse - txt, talk? 34yr

Just looking for conversation, whether it's by txt ir on the phone.. if ya dont feel comfortable, block your number.. regular white guy that got off work late.. I'm on call......

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I think it means they are bored with the conversation, simply don't care, or they are a ... and short replies could just mean they dont like texting or they dont talk much ... "ok." mostly when he seems to not care of asking you and it looks like you dont have anything ...... Read more

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... But he seems to me like he gets bored when i text ... Texting is really boring, and you cant here emotin and its really easy to get lost. Its so much better to talk ... I just watcxh SAW and now i'm realy scared and i cant sleep i think someone is after me how can i stop being ...... Read more

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Im bored and want to 'accidentally' text people. what is something that sounds like it could have been in the middle of a conversation? why dont you just say:whats good bitch. Ask; ... I just watcxh SAW and now i'm realy scared and i cant sleep i think someone is after me how can i ...... Read more

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I need to find someone to hang out with that cant sleep like me. I think that is my ... The worst part is I gotta get up early today and drive down the mountain to take care of a ticket.... bleh. It will be another long ... This conversation is older than 2 months and has been closed to new ...... Read more

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I cant help but feel like we could see each other more if he really wanted to. I just dont understand why he would text all day and night until we finally text goodnight if he didnt really care ... Well I never meet this guy.But we have been texting since January. We talk everyday since the ...... Read more

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  mambear - LiveJournal

i cant sleep. i just smoked a bowl ... i want to kiss u in public and not care whos watching ... only see stacy at school , or if she catches me when im hella high and bored at home ill go give her a ride to work and we will talk and catch up, ...... Read more

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